Tuesday, June 17, 2014

News from RTS

It was a project that was meant to be over in two weeks....but turned into a six week marathon of bull dozers, cement trucks and a whole lot of digging.  My job was to keep Roger well hydrated with cold beers and fed with good food.  I definitely got off easy.
Roger behind the controls of the bulldozer.  It was tricky working under the roof he built a couple of years ago - but that only slowed him down a bit.

Roger got an excellent local contractor to do the cement work

So, the really tricky part was getting the trailer under the roof and seeing if Roger's endless measuring worked.  At one point, there was less than an inch between the corner and the trailer and I was sweating buckets.  Roger maneuvered around that o.k., but the next hurdle was getting the air conditioner under the roof without ripping it off the trailer's roof. 
We used our cell phones to avoid yelling at each other (although there was some muttering under our breaths) so when I climbed up the trailer's ladder to see if the a/c was o.k., I shoved my cellphone down my bra so I could hold onto the ladder with both hands (safety first) as Roger backed the trailer into place.  Roger had to trim a couple of the beams, but a mere 3-1/2 hours later, the trailer was in place. 
Just about ready for cocktails on the deck.
Almost done!  Roger is going to put in some cabinets and a counter top to make the outdoor kitchen complete.
A good friend of ours, David Carlson, turned 60 in May, and we went to Spokane to help him celebrate.  His wife, Paddy, knows how to throw a party and we had a ball.  She rented the Spokane Party Trolley which is a moveable bar -- the tough part (and believe me, speed bumps and slight inclines seemed like mountains) was the trolley was powered by 10 partiers pedaling while sipping beer and eating pizza.  After awhile I gladly gave up my pedals and switched with someone on the "slacker" bench.  I've never been so happy to be called a slacker.
 Dave Carlson, birthday boy, on the right
Two nuns having a laugh at us as we pedalled by
The trolley stopped at Spokane Falls and we stopped to see the water thundering over the falls

While Brad, Anette and Magnus were in Norway, we looked after their dog, Obi.  She has always loved coming to Idaho, but six weeks here put her in 7th heaven. 
Riley Moe on the left and Obi loved racing around the property

Obi leaping off the deck while playing Frisbee

Obi was a Frisbee maniac and made great mid-air catches
A moose walking through our next door neighbor's yard.
Brad returned three weeks early from Norway to start his new job as an animator at Valve, near Seattle, Washington.  Once he got everything moved into their townhouse, Anette and Magnus flew to Seattle and we brought Obi back to them. 

It was great seeing their family together again, and we think it's going to be a really positive move for them.  Brad is really enjoying his job and Anette will be completing her Masters in the next few months. And Magnus?  Well, he's blazing ahead and very much a toddler with a great sense of humour.

Magnus loves Obi, and Obi...well, she is super patient with him and seems to be getting over not being number one anymore

Magnus laughing at Obi

Blech!  Obi managed to lick Magnus' mouth.
We bought Magnus "Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise".  So far only the adults are in hysterics with it but we know Magnus will get a kick out of it in the not too distant future.

Magnus loves books and there is nothing better than a little one right out of a bath and having bedtime stories.

With Magnus in bed, and over a bottle of wine we had a "craft night" where we painted rocks with any words that came to mind. 
Like Christmas morning, we took turns and showed each other the stones.  Lots of common themes:  love of family, Idaho, adventures, good food, boating, and fun we have when we're together.  I put them in a bowl and have them on our coffee table.  There is a smile in each one.

I'm back tutoring twice a week the little girl I worked with last summer.  Lilly made great strides in Grade One and her mom asked if I would help again this year, which I'm very happy to do. 

I brought Lilly a fun book from Australia which we will enjoy reading together
Once Roger is done with the finishing touches on the trailer pad, he'll start working on the boats.  The man is constantly on the go.  We have a few visitors booked this summer, and are planning on seeing a Seattle Mariners game with Brad, Anette and Magnus.  It's great being an easy 5 hour drive from them.
The days may be getting shorter starting this week, but it is clearly summertime in Northern Idaho.   Oh yeah. 

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