Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Back home

When I say we're "back home", it is more of a feeling than a place.  Calgary has changed a lot since we left in 2007 and I don't know how we ever coped with the weather.  We've softened under the hot sun of continents from Africa to South America to Australia.  Snow is now a four letter word.

Just before leaving Australia, my two water aerobic friends treated me to a last lunch by the ocean.  Wendy and Carolyn were great fun and welcomed us into their homes.  At a time when I was beginning to feel each move made me feel like it was Groundhog Day and a repeat of the first day of Grade 1, they found room in their lives for another friend, and for that I thank them.

Left to right:  Wendy, Heather, Carolyn enjoying a last bottle of bubbly
I flew to Vancouver while Roger finished wrapping things up in Adelaide.  It was with relief that Magnus greeted me with a big smile and hug.  Thanks to Skype, I wasn't a stranger to him, and we had a great time.

Magnus loves to check out little things

The blossoms at Rocky Point Park were spectacular in April

Bath time!

These are the moments I dream about when I'm far from Magnus.  The touch of his skin....the squeal he makes when he laughs...and the love he showers on us.

Anette and I went to a swap meet where I bought him his first wet suit.   Oh...the great times that are in store for him in Idaho!!!!!
When Roger flew to Calgary we had a quick visit with family and friends and then headed to Idaho.  We bought a new trailer in November, and gave the old trailer to a family in Idaho.  We are going to have a cement patio built under the roof Roger built a couple of years ago -- Rusty Tractor Springs just keeps getting better and better.
 This is my kind of "camping".

I was invited to speak at the Lions Club District Conference in Worley, Idaho.  My commitment and passion for the Lions School for the Visually Impaired hasn't waned since we left Zambia, and I was proud and honoured to share stories of the school's challenges and successes. 

We went to Vancouver again for an early 1st birthday for Magnus, and to help Brad and Anette as they prepared to move from Vancouver to Seattle, as well as a trip to Norway.  Brad had been working 90+ hours a week finishing up his contract on Transformers 4, so Anette welcomed the help.  She was well organized and we had fun ticking tasks off her well as taking full advantage of baby wrangling duties.
We saw this Early Rider toddler bike in Adelaide and couldn't resist it.  Roger found a way to bring it home for Magnus and we think he'll love scooting around on it.

Despite a hectic week, Anette made delicious cupcakes which Magnus devoured!

The Three Amigos

Friends and their children at Magnus' 1st birthday and farewell party

Magnus and Obi are becoming good buddies

Magnus loved the bubbles but got very sad when they popped as he tried to grab them

Roger's dad and wife gave Magnus this suit --- he looks ready for Wall Street!

Bottom's up!
Magnus and "Mr. Roger" are already very good friends.

On May 4th, Brad's studio, Industrial Light and Magic hosted a "May the 4th Be with You" as an homage to their Star Wars franchise. 
Brad told us the studio was cool.....but it was beyond that.  Hidden rooms accessed by the turn of a bookcase or behind a fireplace.....memorabilia from movies....and all housed in a warehouse in the trendy Gastown area.
Brad was a lucky winner of the cubby lottery by getting a neat workstation complete with a Star Wars figure

All computers were turned off to keep Transformers 4 a surprise until its opening June 27th

One of the screening rooms where work is reviewed by the director, Michael Bay, in California.

Yes, you guessed it.  The washrooms.

Lounge area used for power naps for tired animators.  The bookcase to the right by the red curtain swings around to reveal a secret room.

Star Wars painting

Brad knew how to open the wall to find the "Whiskey Room"

We bid goodbye to Brad, Anette and Magnus and headed back to Idaho with Obi, their Boston Terrier who we are looking after for the next few weeks.  Obi loves Idaho where she can run and play Frisbee to her heart's content. 

As I update the blog, she is flaked out on the Lazy Boy with me and no doubt resting up for another great day tomorrow.
"Dogs have owners. Cats have staff."

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