Saturday, June 28, 2014

Priest River Picks and Perfection

With the major construction behind "us" (and I use that term pretty loosely), we took time to enjoy some of the events that make this area so much fun.

Annette and Dwayne Majcher came down for "Junk from My Trunk" that we had never been to before, but Annette read about it and it sounded like we should check it out.  Good call.

This annual event is basically a high end antique and yard sale held at a beautiful old Victorian style house called Foxwood, just south of Newport, Washington - a short 15 minute drive from our place.  It will be on our calendar for next year, too.

Annette and I want to come back and sample the High Tea they serve in the afternoon
Birdhouses made from cowboy boots were just some of the unique items for sale

The vendor selling fruits and vegetables also tried to get Dwayne to buy the captain's hat.  All he needed then was Tenille.

Annette was recovering from foot surgery but was a great sport getting pushed around the grounds in a wheelchair.  Fortunately, it didn't slow her down from getting some great deals.

Roger and Dwayne had to, of course, check out the old cars and trailers on display
One of the lucky things about our location on the Pend O'Reille River is we have a ring side seat to the July 4th fireworks held across from us at the boat ramp.  An auction is held each year to raise the $6,000 needed to put on the display, and it looks like they made a good chunk to ensure it goes ahead.  We attended this year and bought a great selection of gift certificates for local businesses and a solar lamp for the deck.
Sonny Parker is a fabulous auctioneer who makes the crowd laugh so much, they don't mind parting with their money.

You know it's a north Idaho auction when a box of ammo (item #37) is up for bid
We bought the Mariah ski boat several years ago from our good friends Sandy and Jo who used to own Fox Farms where we first started camping, and where we fell in love with the area.  It's a great boat with a deep hull that can handle big waves on the lake - and despite being 19 years old, looked pretty flash after Roger cleaned, waxed and buffed it.

I love sunsets and think I've taken some pretty good shots of them over the years, but none to me, compare to the sunset this week.  The trailer became bright as day and when I looked out, saw the sky was a brilliant orange.  I grabbed my camera and headed down to the dock.  In five minutes a storm blew in and the colors turned grey, but oh, what a glorious five minutes it was.

I didn't use filters to get these colors -- nature got it right.

The town of Priest River is across the river

The east side of the river was bluish-grey

The colors changed from west to east

Looking west along Dufort Road
In the next few days we will be celebrating Canada Day and the 4th of July.  We hold Canadian passports, but feel at home here on our property in Idaho.  I think we have the best of both worlds.

"Don't forget.  Beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies." 
                                                                            Paulo Coelho

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