Saturday, June 08, 2013

Magnificent Magnus

The meaning of Magnus' name is "great", but frankly, we think it should be "magnificent".

Roger flew to Vancouver from Australia, and I drove up from Idaho to meet Magnus and to see Brad and Anette in their new roles as parents.
The long flight was well worth it when Roger held Magnus for the first time
Brad and Anette holding Magnus sporting his Crocodile Dundee hat 
Aussie gear for Magnus
Hey Magnus - how do you like us so far?
Magnus weighed 8 lbs 13 oz at birth, but as what usually happens lost some of his weight.  Supplemental feedings gave Brad, Roger and me a chance to help out and in no time, he had breezed past his birth weight in true Kinley fashion.

Brad and Anette are so relaxed and were game to take Magnus on outings.
First outing to Starbucks!
First bath!
A fruit bouquet was a welcomed gift!
Some naysayers might think it was gas that made Magnus smile.  I like to think he thought his Nana was hilarious. 
Toasting the new family unit!
Roger and I wrestled as to who would hold Magnus
Magnus is one lucky little boy.  

The Kinley clan
Good friends, Barb and Rob Perry, from Parksville on Vancouver Island took the ferry to Horseshoe Bay where we spent a great afternoon with them.
The Perrys and Kinleys catch up after a long absence

Nothing like a combination of mountains, sea and boats
Five days just flew by and it was time to go.  Each day Brad and Anette showed how well they worked as a team and the happiness they clearly felt for each other, and their new son.

We all know there will be challenging days and nights ahead of them, but as I said, at least they've experienced good ones already.

Magnus is many things to those who love him....and he really is magnificent.

"A baby has a special way of adding joy to everyday."

Author unknown

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