Monday, June 17, 2013

Ship shape

Since arriving in Idaho 10 days ago, Roger has been getting things set for summer.  Roger's Mom and husband, Herb, visited us for a couple of days and it was great to see them on their close to annual trip to Idaho.

I started tutuoring a really lovely 6 year old little girl and I'm looking forward to spending time with her this summer.  The Sandpoint Library has a fabulous outreach program, and I'm grateful to be a part of it for a second year.

Roger is not one to sit around, so the sprinkler system is getting tuned up and the flotilla is almost ready.  The dock is in place, jet skis are on their docks, and our Bayliner has successfully completed a shake down cruise to our favourite spot on the lake near Windy Point.

Each year, the property looks better and better.  Most people in town know our place when we describe where we live and often comment how great it looks.  It's come a long way from humble beginnings 11 years ago when it was an acre of weeds, chicken coops, rocks and tires.

The boat launched for another season
We stopped off in Sandpoint for lunch at Spuds before heading out to the lake
For years we went to Windy Point with the Majchers, Moes and Perrys and camp out on our boats.  Our kids would tube and wakeboard and I know memories were made then that stay with them today, as they do to us as well.  It was a great place to celebrate Father's Day and Roger's birthday so we packed up and headed for an overnight trip.
The captain

We tied up to a mooring buoy, and on cue, a deer came to see what was up.
A deer checking us out
We bbq'd steaks, opened a bottle of wine, and watched the changing skies before hitting the sack.  The water was so calm we could hardly tell we were on a boat.  Much better than when it sounds like I'm sleeping in a washing machine!

We woke up to the lake as crystal clear and still as a mirror.
The lake reflecting the trees and clouds -- looks topsy turvy!
I watched an eagle for awhile as it walked along the shore having a bath -- then watched as it took off
Cappuccinos and fresh fruit for breakfast -- oh yeah...

However tempting it looked - Roger didn't go for a dip.  In a rare moment of bravado - I jumped in!

Leaving a bit of paradise behind
Roger just has a few days left before we go to Vancouver on the weekend for his return flight to Australia - and of course, a visit with Magnus.  Fingers crossed Roger will be able to come back in the middle of summer when Brad, Anette, Magnus, Obi and their good friends from Edmonton, the Cowans, come for a visit.  Knowing Roger, he will do his best to make it happen.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."  Henry David Thoreau

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