Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summertime...surprises...and South America

Summer time in Idaho is a truly wondrous place.  And while the temperatures haven't been as hot as I like, a bad day here is still better than most other places I've been...

Brad and Anette came for a visit for the July long weekend, along with their friend, Neal Moe, whose parents (Heather and Don) are co-owners of the property along with us, and the Timms from Washington. Brad loves BBQ ribs, so I made a feast for their first night.  Food plays a very big role here!
The property is looking more beautiful each summer...
I planned a BBQ for the following night with some friends and when Brad and I talked to Roger on Thursday night who was at our Bogota apartment, I suggested he call the following night on Skype and I would have the laptop in the clubhouse so he could see everyone.  Midway through dinner, the door opened up, and in walked Roger!  We all just stared and couldn't quite wrap our heads around seeing him -- how he pulled that surprise off is beyond me.  He had flown through the night, arrived in Calgary, rented a car....and there he was!  Brad and Anette were happy to have a couple of days with him before they returned to Edmonton, and I was really happy to have him for a week.  It just isn't the same without him.
Above left to right:  We had a big oyster feed and BBQ with Anette, Brad, Roger, Neal, and Don Moe.

Neal tried windsurfing for the first time and Brad was close by on the jet ski to help.  Neal came really close, and if it wasn't for the strong current and chilly water, I'm sure he would have made it.

We had a great time watching the July 4th fireworks from our dock - the town of Priest River did a great job, and many people who live along the river also set some off.  After 6,000+ pictures in 3 years, my camera finally died, so I wasn't able to get any pictures.  After documenting so much of our lives, I was lost without one, so made a quick trip to Spokane and bought another Canon.

Brad returned to Idaho this week on his way to San Francisco and his new job at Industrial Light & Magic.  Anette will join him in mid-August when they finalize the sale of their condo and they get occupancy of their apartment near the studio in the Presidio district of San Francisco.

Above: Brad arriving at Willow Bay Marina where we had a wonderful send off dinner (below).
He had his Mini Cooper loaded and with a big smile, set off on the next Kinley adventure.  He sure makes us proud and has worked really hard to get this opportunity that he's been focused on for many years.
A few years ago we had crows dropping rocks on our trailer at 4:30 in the morning - it actually sounded like they were playing soccer.  So, I bought one of those garden owls and put it on the post - and it worked...until this week.  This time I checked the internet and I read that mylar balloons swaying in the wind often deters experiment begins!  Let's hope it works and the crows don't think of it as Party Central!
Roger returned to Bogota on Monday, and flew to Pereira, Colombia to do a site visit the next day.  He sent me some pictures, and it looks like it was a really interesting trip...and, since I don't know exactly what the pictures I'll just let you know what he named the pictures.

Above:  Pereira
Above:  Roger traveled with Mariano (3rd from right) who also works at Petro Tiger.  The rest of the people I assume are geologists etc from the potential client's staff.
Above:  Banana plants (in the blue bags) and coffee plants
Below:  A woman collecting firewood
Below:  Fuel Truck (Roger's description...not mine, and probably very accurate!)

I'm heading to visit good friends, Sara and Bob Morris, in Chrisman, Illinois for 4 days next week.  We met them 7 years ago in Belize and missed not seeing them this year since we didn't go to Belize. When I return, we get a stream of visitors for the rest of the time I'm here, and I'm still volunteering at the Soup Kitchen.

Roger and I are really hoping he'll be able to return for another week.  Our nephew, Cooper, and his parents are coming for a visit and he is looking forward to some wild tube rides behind the boat, and I'm sure I'm not up to the standards that Roger set when Cooper was last here.

I'm getting really excited about joining Roger in Bogota in early September, which is where it appears the drilling division will be located.  In preparation I'm resuming my Spanish lessons on the internet and hope I haven't lost too much of the language I tried so hard to learn!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer -- please keep in touch!

"To infinity and beyond!"                
Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story 3

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