Sunday, July 25, 2010

Better Homes and Gardens

The best part about traveling, are the people Roger and I have met over the years.  None have touched our lives as much as Sara and Bob Morris who we met on our first trip to Belize 7 years ago.  That's where we spent hours talking on their porch overlooking the ocean and a lifetime friendship was formed.  

Most years we meet in Belize, but when we didn't get there this year, it seemed like it was time for a visit to their home in Chrisman, Illinois.  I flew there for a few days this week and saw that while they love Belize, they also have a great reason to return home.

Entrance to the Morris property
The Morris home and an incredible garden with an already bountiful crop of vegetables

Sara in the garden
Their flowers were beautiful, too
Sara and Bob showed me such warm hospitality and we enjoyed an afternoon at the county fair watching horse races.
And then we had dinner in Paris...Paris, Illinois, that is, along with Sara's sister, Harriet.
Bob's father made this swing a hundred years ago......
Our dear friends, Bob and Sara Morris
As always, I love returning to Idaho, and everything looked even more beautiful today...
It's hard to imagine that the willowy Aus trees were mere cuttings 5 summers ago.

Home sweet home...
What more can I say, but....ahhhhhh......

The next few weeks will see lots of friends and family dropping by for fun on the water and good food and laughs....I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Roger will make another appearance, too!

Treat your family like friends, and your friends like family.

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