Monday, June 28, 2010

Kinley Travels

It has been a busy, exciting, and sometimes stressful month for the Kinleys as we are all on the move.

I am in Idaho, Roger is in Colombia, and Brad and Anette are preparing for a move to San Francisco!

Brad has accepted a contract position to be an animator for Industrial Light & Magic where he will be working on the movie Transformers 3.  This is a great opportunity for him and he is excited to work for the studio that created visual effects on many blockbuster movies like Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, and most recently, Avatar and Iron Man 2.  Anette is very supportive of this move, and will continue her Masters program through Athabasca University. While Anette was visiting family in Norway, Brad found a great apartment close to the studio located in the Presidio district of San Francisco, so they are all set.  The apartment is near the Golden Gate Park, which is great because they are also expecting a little one.....a PUPPY!!!!

Roger has been in Colombia for about 3 weeks and I can tell by his emails, phone calls, and seeing him on Skype, that he is really enjoying his work as General Manager for the drilling division of Petro Tiger.  He spent last week in Medellin where he hopes to base operations.  I've been reading everything I can on Medellin and was glad when Roger sent some pictures so I would get a feel for the city.  While it is infamous for being the center of Escobar's drug cartel of the 80s and 90s, it has gone through a huge transformation and Roger said he felt safe while walking about.  I know...I know....we'll still be careful.
The city has around 3 million people and is 5,000 feet above sea level.  Medellin is known for it's perpetual spring like temperatures which sounds pretty easy to take.

Roger traveled to Medellin with Petro Tiger's financial analyst, Matan Agam (below) who is from the U.S. but has lived in Colombia for a couple of years.  Roger has enjoyed working with him and took this picture of Matan's first visit in a mine --- Matan put on his game face as the mine was filled with bats!
On the way to the site visit, Roger and Matan stopped by a great restaurant in the countryside that used a wood stove.
And what about me?  Well, I'm at my favorite place on earth -- Priest River, Idaho.  It was quite chilly when I came after Roger went to Colombia, but it's been getting warmer over the last few days.  The jet skis and boat are ready for action this week when Brad, Anette and some of their friends come for the long weekend.
I was mowing the lawn this week when a fawn who was curled up sleeping by a rock jumped up -- not sure who jumped higher - me or the fawn.  Fortunately her mother is in the area and typically leaves the fawn during the day and then they reunite in the evening!
I've returned to my weekly volunteering at the Soup Kitchen, as well as helping the town's Animal Rescue Shelter with some grant writing.  Roger's previous employer has kept me on as the editor of the company newsletter, so I'm happy to have opportunities to write. 

Years ago Roger and I envisioned living in South America and Brad has always been focused on the goal of working at a studio like ILM.  Brad posted a great quote on Facebook this week and it's words have really come to life for us.

"Go forth boldly in the direction of your dreams; live the life you've imagined."   
Henry David Thoreau

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