Saturday, November 30, 2013

Goodbye winter....hello summer!

Seeing family in friends in November might not have been part of our plan, but it was great to see them.  Despite snowfalls and chilly temps in Calgary and Kansas, we had enough fabulous food, wine and conversation to keep us warm.

My 93 year old godmother hosted a luncheon with her friends.  I always have fun with these ladies and just hope I'm as bright as them at their ages!
We flew to Kansas so Roger could meet with Colin and Andrew regarding the next project in Australia.  Karen welcomed us with a fabulous turkey dinner which was shared with Andrew and Cindy MacEwen and their girls.

Cooper is the busiest 15 year old I have ever met with school work, band, working at the church and other activities.
Sunrise coming into Auckland after a 13 hour flight

Love this sign! 
Departure board at Auckland --- had to laugh at the instructions to "relax".
Adelaide is a beautiful city.  The markets, cafes, tree lined streets and ocean has made it one of our favourite cities in the last few years.  Medellin, Colombia was also a great spot, but we don't miss the added excitement of hearing gunshots at night (that we fondly referred to as fireworks).
Marina Pier in Adelaide.  
Roger, of course, found an Oyster Bar
My dad once said Montreal is a city of churches and restaurants. I reckon he would say the same about Adelaide.  The jacaranda trees are in bloom and reminded me of being in Zambia this time last year.

Nothing needs to be said about this, other than "Of course"!
 We went to the Migration Museum and again tried to fathom what it would have been like to travel long distances and begin such a new life.  The fact many orphaned children made the journey alone makes it even harder to imagine.

Up until the mid 70s, Australia had a very strict white only immigration policy.  

War memorial on North Terrace
The Aussies are brilliant when they come up with ideas to keep their beer and wine warm.  At this pub, an individual sink filled with ice came in handy.
These pig statues garner lots of attention --- I saw a dog go beserk barking at them!
I tossed my Bucket List years ago when I realized there were so many incredible adventures and places to go that I hadn't even considered.  So, I just stay open to what we come across --- except for swimming with dolphins.  I tweaked it by making the proviso I didn't want to do it while they were in an enclosed area.

Today, a big check mark was made when we went on a catamaran and saw heaps of dolphins in the wild.

The only thing that didn't go quite as planned is that the forecasted 35C temps didn't materialize and we had a chilly morning.  Ah...the best laid plans.....
Roger is in the foreground holding our camera in a yellow waterproof case

Roger took this shot underwater of the dolphins
This gadget is a line that goes in the water and is supposed to repel sharks.  

Our catamaran

Wish I could say I took these pictures of the dolphins, but the photographer on board did.  It was fantastic listening to the dolphins make noises, and to glide above and below the water with the grace of ballerinas.

Another "can you believe what we just did?" moment.  The best ones.
We move into our apartment tomorrow just off Rundle Mall.  There is a study with a sofabed, so if you want to escape the Canadian winter, come visit us!

Can't wait to unpack and have the chance to explore this beautiful city and state.  I've figured out how to take the bus to the aquatic center, and am continuing the deep water aerobic classes I got hooked on in Alice Springs.  Just wish I had my friends Jane and Mary to keep me company!  Ah well....another first day of Grade One is about to begin.

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get” 
                                                                                               W.P. Kinsella

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