Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sun....Snow....and Smiles

The anticipation of being able to visit family and friends made the grind of flying to Canada from Australia a lot more bearable.
A stunning view of the Rockies from the air --- we knew we were close to home!
We arrived in Calgary with temps around 16C.  The next morning, we woke up to snow and -10C.  That's Calgary for you.
Day after the snowstorm when the sun came out
We started the rounds of visiting everyone, and then bought warmer clothes and loaded up the Expedition for the drive to Vancouver.
The drive through the mountains was beautiful --- once we got passed an icy section where a semi truck went over the embankment.  We were stopped on the highway for 2 hours while they dealt with the accident.
We stopped in Kamloops to visit Roger's Aunt Louise and cousin, Lyndon and then got up at the crack of dawn so we could be in Vancouver early enough for Magnus' swim lessons.  We made it, and loved seeing Anette give Magnus the confidence to completely duck under the water without a peep of unhappiness.  Magnus will definitely be a water and boat baby --- more great memories are in the future.

Magnus the Great in his Hallowe'en costume!
We spent three days hanging out with Brad, Anette and Magnus and loved every minute of it.  Christmas came early as we opened our stockings and ate fabulous food. pumpkin tarts for Roger and cranberry ones for me (thanks Anette!)....and a birthday party at their friend's home capped off our visit.
It was great to leave the snow in Alberta and see green grass and maple trees that had turned a brilliant red
At five months, he is a happy little boy who loves books.  We bought him the Dr. Seuss Collection for Christmas as well as books from Australia and a Kangaroo puppet that he thought was fun.
Our sweet boy
We were so happy to spend time with Magnus and hopefully he will remember us when we see each other on Skype.
Magnus modeling his kangaroo slippers while bouncing in the Jolly Jumper
Magnus and Obi are beginning to figure each other out
Magnus likes when I make silly sounds
Anette sings and talks to Magnus in Norwegian, so he'll be able to embrace both language and cultures.  He chats all the time so we expect him to be quite the talker!
Magnus and his new playmate, Mr. Roger
I love seeing the two of them together
Getting ready for bathtime!

Rubber're the one....
I got to give Magnus a bottle while Anette read his nighttime story.  
Before we knew it, we were leaving.  Despite the distances, we are lucky to have spent close to a month with Magnus over his first five months, and are so proud of the job Brad and Anette are doing as parents. Brad is busy working on the movie, Transformers IV so in a few years, Magnus will be able to watch the giant robots his dad animated.

Being a grandparent is better than we could have even imagined.  All the joys, fewer worries, and the experience to know that things will work out.

Back in Calgary, we continue to touch base with as many people as possible.  On the way home today from aquasize class, I saw a white tailed deer meandering down a road.  I followed it into a townhouse complex and managed to take a few pictures.
The deer was at least a mile away from the Provincial Park, but calmly walked down residential streets
We go to Kansas where we will see Colin, Karen and Cooper on November 17th and Roger will be in meetings with Colin regarding the upcoming Australian project.  And then, we head back to Australia but this time will settle in Adelaide.  Another new beginning, but with a touch of familiarity.

Sounds good to me.

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."
                          Omar Khayyam

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