Monday, April 29, 2013

A Foot in Many Countries

We are so grateful for the experiences we've had in the last few years.

It is a blast watching Amazing Race, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, World's Most Dangerous Roads, or other travel shows and say, "Hey - we've been there!"  We've learned a lot by living in different cultures and have met people we will never forget.  

Thanks to technology, we've been able to keep in touch with those we've said goodbye to.  Roger often gets emails from guys who have worked for him and they have all thanked him for the training and support he has given them.  Many have said they would work anywhere he is working, and it makes me very proud.

This week, we got an email from Gebre, my bajaj driver in Mekelle, Ethiopia.
Gebre treated me like a queen as he drove me around in his bajaj
Dears  Heather  and Roger
I hope that as every thing is good as God .
How is Life treating as , Except your Missing I am so good I Remember you Every day b/u you where and you will be Everting for me so    How is the job and how is your familly . how is life in North America and Australia , but I am so fine b/c we have a fuly of peace on our countriy .  Heather and Roger to tell you the fact from my bottom of may heart . “ I miss you so much.  I was gone to anather country I tell us now I retern to my countriy /Mekelle/ I came to Mekelle Now I  leave in Mekelle  will meet in a person. I miss you so much and; all the best see you”

I've volunteered in some of the countries where we've lived, but none of the organizations has captured my heart more than the Ndola Lions School for the Visually Impaired.   I was very excited to hear that the latest project was completed -- a playground.  Many friends, families and businesses joined me and stepped up to the plate when they heard me talk about the school, and donated money to make it happen.  My dear friend in Ndola, Yvonne, coordinated everything including doing a safety orientation for the kids.  Up until now, most fundraising focused on getting food supplies for the school.  With the successful sales of the school choir's CD augmenting the food budget, we were able to turn our sights to something we felt the children also had a right to -- the ability to have fun.  Next on the wish list is a piggery!

The playground design will help the kids with their balance, self confidence, and just as importantly, bring some happiness into their lives
The young boy on the left had never been on a swing before -- can you see his joy?
There have been times when I've been ready to run to an airport to return to Canada, but have to say, I don't feel that way about leaving Australia.  We loved every experience and every place we visited, and were lucky to have built in friends/family with Craig and his family.

But I have the best reason to jump on a plane tomorrow and head back to Canada and the U.S. for the summer -- to wait for Brad and Anette's baby to arrive in about 3 weeks.  Roger will fly over for a visit when Baby K arrives and we'll begin the best jobs of our lives -- grandparents.   

What an amazing life we are living, and how lucky we are to be doing it together.

A good life is when you assume nothing...
do more...need less...
dream more....
laugh a lot...and realize how blessed you are.


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