Thursday, April 05, 2012

Keeping the home fires burning

While Roger was in Tanzania, I was lucky enough to house sit for his mom and her husband while they wintered in Arizona.  It was great to have a home base, a welcoming fire, and every appliance I ever needed!

In another life when I worked in long term care, I used to love talking to residents about their travel experiences.  I remember showing a live webcam shot of the Hong Kong Harbour much to the delight of a former teacher who said that was her favorite destination. That got me thinking.  With a lot of time, photos and stories swirling in my head, I contacted some seniors' facilities and offered to do a travel slideshow in the hopes my stories would spur reminiscing of happy memories for their residents. Nobody died of boredom (although a couple had naps) and many shared great stories. Mission accomplished!
I had a fabulous time - especially the time spent at Father Lacombe Care Centre where I went to their Adult Day Support Program each day for a week.  FLCC is a special place to me as I have volunteered, worked, and brought my dad there where he spent his final eight months being cared for.  I was welcomed back with open arms and it was hard to say goodbye.
I also started taking an online travel writing course through MatadorU.  It has been good to stretch my comfort zone and have my work critiqued by editors and peers although some days I wonder if I know how to write at all.  Feel free to stop by Heather's Writing Blog  to see what I've been posting for my assignments.

March was also a month of celebrations and it started off with Roy Christie's surprise 60th birthday.
Roger's cousin, Pat, and her husband Roy
Anyone who knows us knows our friendship with Heather and Don Moe.  We met them and their kids when we moved to Sundance in 1988 and have been steadfast friends ever since; even co-owning Rusty Tractor Springs in Idaho.  Neal and Brad spent countless hours bouncing on our trampoline as preteens, playing pool as they got older, and always having a ball with Olympic worthy tubing hi-jinx on the Pend O'Reille River.

Neal popped the question to Camille, who he met in France in 2010 and Brad and I were honoured guests at their civil ceremony held at Kananaskis on March 25th.
Camille's family live in France but a few of them were able to view the ceremony via Skype.  Isn't technology grand?

Brad, Camille, Riley and Neal
The two Heathers with the same motto --- when our kids are happy --- we're happy.

Riley joining Neal and Camille outdoors
Clockwise from top right:  Brad Kinley, Heather Kinley, Heather Moe, Anne and Bill Jepps (Heather M's parents), Don Moe, Camille and Neal Moe

Lots of snow at Kananaskis!

Always a treat hanging out with Brad

Roger arrived home March 31st at 2 p.m. and by 5:30 p.m. we were having a great time with good friends Dwayne and Annette Majcher, their son Tyler and his wife Monica and son Clark, and Ed and Colleen Walsh.  Dwayne cooked up an amazing Moroccan meal for Anette's birthday and they graciously included my birthday in the celebrations.
An epic salad

Annette and her grandson, Clark

Another very happy birthday

We each had a candle to blow out
Roger managed to stay awake until 10 p.m. and then we headed home.  Another memorable evening with wonderful friends.

Good friends are like stars… you don't always see them, but you know they are always there.
~ Anonymous

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