Thursday, April 05, 2012

Back to Rusty Tractor Springs

Roger got home March 31st and two days later, we were heading to our favorite place on earth --- Rusty Tractor Springs in Idaho. We heard it had been a wet spring -- and they weren't kidding.

Roger's main goal was to complete the deck he built down by the river last year but wasn't able to complete it because the water levels rose too quickly.  This year he is playing "Beat the Clock" as the river is rising early because of all the rain and melting snow.

The first day of construction was met with big, fluffy snowflakes best experienced on Christmas Eve, but it didn't stop Roger from his project.

What a difference a day skies returned!
The docks are still swung away from the stairs but the water level is rising each day
The big question everyone asks, "how long will you be there?"  The hardest answer and one that  doesn't get much easier is "we have no idea - but we're game for anything!" 

If your travels take you to Idaho -- please let us know.  The bar fridge is stocked and the welcome mat is always rolled out.

A smile is the universal welcome.
                                         Max Eastman

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