Monday, August 03, 2009

Earth, wind, and fire....

It's been a really hot summer which suits us just fine. There is nothing like jumping on the jet skis and heading down the river to cool off - although this weekend it hit 40C and going 50 mph on the river felt like cruising through a furnace.

Our friends, Annette and Dwayne Majcher have their boat moored near Sandpoint, so we're lucky to have frequent visits with them and their family. Dwayne and Roger have such a great time together, it's fun to watch. Whether it's boating or playing foosball at Jammers in Priest River, they always have new stories to tell each other. All I can say is I'm glad they weren't teenagers together....

Friends from Calgary, Kathy and Randy Cardon (seen below), also came for a visit last week. For years we've joked that they bring rain whenever they see us (even in Spain we got unexpected rainfall during their trip)...well.... this time they outdid themselves....
The night before their arrival we had the first storm in weeks which uprooted or broke several of our trees, and destroyed our awning.
One of our beautiful apple trees (below) had the top half knocked off. The deer have had easy pickings with all the apples on the grass. But, we got off lucky as a few houses in the area were really damaged from falling trees.

Later in the day as we were coming up from the water with Kathy and Randy, a neighbour ran down to tell us there was a tornado watch for Priest River! Fortunately, we just got rain but we kept a close watch on TV to track the storm.
So, if you ever know a farmer that needs some rain, just give our "rainmakers", Kathy and Randy a call. just might get more than you bargained for!

Priest River held their annual Timber Days and had a great 3 days of events. Friday night started off with a car cruise with antique and hot rod cars through downtown, logging competitions on Saturday, and lawnmower races on Sunday.

Seeing the event shown below on the video gave us heart attacks --- few of the competitors wore steel toe boots and we kept expecting to hear a blood curdling scream....fortunately they were more skilled/lucky than we thought...
The lawnmower races (below) were a riot with some of them hitting 49 mph on a short track! I might enter the stock class next year as I'm SURE I can go faster than some of the old duffers!
Friends from Calgary, Rob and Laurie Vanderlee (seen below) are new converts to the beauty of the Pend O'Reille River. They camped for a week with 20 other friends and family at Riley Creek (where more than 95% of the campers are from Western Canada) and vow to return next year for two weeks. You just can't find a better place to hang out in the summer without throngs of people and boats.
Smoke from the fires in B.C. have been blanketing the area and we feel so fortunate that we don't have fires close by, and the damage from our storm is nothing in comparison to the tragedy at the Big Valley Jamboree. Another reminder of how quickly our lives can change.

Roger continues to work on the clubhouse and property --- I think he must have been a hyperactive kid because he just doesn't know how to slow down. I'm glad we get visitors because that's a great way to get him to take time to enjoy everything we have. But, when you look at the picture of Roger below --- it's clear that he is a "happy camper".

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