Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun in the Sun...and maybe a few Advil.....

You couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

With the arrival of Roger, Brad and Anette it turned into a week of non-stop fun in the sun. We had campfires, went jet skiing and boating, ate at our favorite spots on the water, went to see "Up" in Spokane, and just had a great time hanging out together. lucky can we be to have a relationship like this with Brad and Anette??

Brad and Dwayne Majcher enjoyed a cigar and a glass of wine....

After Brad and Anette returned to Edmonton, Roger spent time working on the clubhouse which is where we keep our washer/dryer, extra fridge and freezer as well as a full bathroom. He opened the proverbial can of worms when he lifted a soft spot in the lino....turns out the joists were rotten so the next few days were spent ripping out the old floor, filling it with gravel, and we're waiting for concrete to be poured this week. Fortunately Roger Timm (one of our property partners from Cheney, WA) and some family members came one day to provide reinforcements....By the end of each day, Advil and a heating pad were close at hand.

I'm still volunteering at the Soup Kitchen each Monday and really love it. We didn't have a sponsor for the July 6th lunch, so I volunteered to make sandwiches and salad and 3 other ladies brought soups and spaghetti. Roger came too, and was a huge help because we had a great turnout with about 75 people.

Our good friends, Dwayne and Annette Majcher are mooring their boat near Sandpoint this year so we've seen them quite often. Last weekend their daughter Nicole, and son Tyler and his wife Monica came. They are a great family and we had a fantastic time with them including when Tyler took turns pulling everyone on tubes (Monica and Nicole seen below).
Despite our combined ages totalling more than 105 years, Annette and I decided to give it a go, and we felt like teenagers as we screamed and laughed. Tyler felt our scream to speed ratio was a little excessive, but it was easier to scream than give him the signal to slow down.... Of course the next day, we both discovered muscles we forgot we had, so once again, reached for our trusty bottles of Advil... Click on the video below and come along for a ride!

There's nothing like being in the States on the 4th of July. We joined the Majchers on their boat and anchored just off the beach at Sandpoint to watch the fireworks show. There must have been 700 boats anchored and with the green and red navigation lights reflected in the water, it almost felt like it was Christmas in July. As you can see below in the videos, the full moon and beautiful Lake Pend O'Reille provided a spectacular setting for the fireworks.
There is always something going on within a 30 mile radius of us, and car shows are a popular event. Priest River held their first car show this month and had some great cars including this 1952 police car.

While I was in Belize I wrote an article on life lessons I learned while living on a boat (during our trip in 2003-2004). I realized that many of the things I learned then has helped me a lot in other situations --- especially in the last couple of years when life has taken so many twists and turns and thrown me out of my comfort zone.
Anyway, I flogged it to about 5 magazines, and one bought it: "Life Lessons" was published in the May/June 2009 edition of "Living Aboard". If you would like to read it, click on and follow the link.
So, we're happy keeping busy...welcoming friends that come to visit, playing on the water and working on the property...and of course...waiting for the email that will once again tell us where Roger is going next!

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