Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hello Mudda...Hello Fadda....

Many people wondered (me included!) of what Roger's camp life was like, so now that he is home, (for the time being anyway!) it's time to show you some of his pictures.

Roger said that as tent camps go, this one was really good and he had a great bunch of guys working with him. The Malagasy nationals were hardworking and learned alot, and we were touched when one of them gave Roger some gifts to bring home with him.

My mom would have been thrilled to see Canadian flags everywhere - and the famous "condo" (below picture of 3 containers siliconed together) that he had prepared for my arrival was the envy of the camp.

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Anonymous said...

Now Roger - I was all about feeling sorry for you from the "hello mudda...hello fadda...." e-mail - but it looks pretty darn classy in the pictures. If you get tired of drilling all those wells, you could just take up building "love nests" - complete with the thatched roof - very cute!!