Friday, July 22, 2016

Here, there and everywhere....

A friend said recently it was too bad that we couldn't rack up frequent driving miles as we've been on the road a lot lately.  

Inbetween road trips, Roger flew to Norway on business and loved the country we've learned so much over the years from Anette and her family.  He really enjoyed Oslo and was happy to spend a wonderful evening with Anette's cousin, Ingrid.  We've known Ingrid since she was a young girl, and have seen her several times since and always enjoy her company.
In front of one of several ski jumps in Oslo -- the photo taken at 11 p.m.!

Ingrid and Roger in Oslo, Norway

Lovely Ingrid having dinner with Roger
Meanwhile, I was basking in the North Idaho sunshine.

Sitting on the dock watching the world go by
Roger made it back just in time to celebrate July 4th with a BBQ on our deck with friends, Jim and Kerri Martin (owners of a fantastic wine bar in Priest River) and then watched the fireworks from our dock.  It was a wonderful night and the Martins thought sitting on the south side of the river gave a spectacular vantage point. And it was.

Roger left the next day to check on our boat repairs, which were finally done.  He took it for a test drive and it seems to be working well, so we're planning on a September cruise for a week or so to help make up for the aborted trip in May.

On his way back to Idaho, he stopped by Bothell and spent the night with Brad, Anette and Magnus.  In the morning, he drove back to Idaho with Anette and Magnus who spent a few days with us.

We had a blast with them and although the weather was cooler than a week before, Magnus still had fun boating and swimming.

Blueberries are the best

Magnus still enjoys riding the rocking horse Brad's godparents gave him when he was a baby.
Driving the boat is fun - and learning to shoulder check is part of the learning process
Campfires and s'mores go hand in hand

Ladies night out at the Wine Bar!
Left to right:  Heather Moe, Anette, Cara (Heather's daughter) and me!

I bought Magnus this wetsuit when he was a newborn.  So fun to see him wear it 3 years later!
Obi thought the swimming pool was a big water bowl/cooling station
This summer I've been volunteering on Wednesday mornings at the Priest River Library for it's Summer Reading Program for children aged 5-11 in the community.  Some weeks we've had up to 60 children and the program is a mix of reading, exercise and guest speakers.

This week, a police officer came to discuss bike safety and put the kids through an obstacle course.
Main street was shut down for a couple of hours to set up the course.
I drove Magnus and Anette home and then the next morning returned in time to welcome Whitney and Ryan.  We've known Whitney since she was 4 years old (her parents are long time friends, Colleen and Ed Walsh) and have welcomed her to Idaho three times in the past few years.  Her boyfriend, Ryan, has been twice, and we really have fun with them.

We love that the children of our friends also come to visit, and shared lots of laughs with Whitney and Ryan

After a day on the water, we went off to the Wine Bar and as usual, had a great time.  I thought we were headed home, until Roger suggested stopping at the local bar, Jammers.  Going to the two places certainly gave us insight into the diversity of the town's residents.

While ordering drinks at the bar, a couple of locals that had been there for awhile drinking Double Duck Farts (yes, of course you want to know what is in them!) introduced themselves as Tom and Misty, and followed us outside after we heard there was a horse shoe pit.

We laughed ourselves silly as the game was played, but as you can see below, Tom didn't participate.

Tom found the picnic table a good place to have a "nap".
Nice to see a "No Weapons in this Bar" sign ---- too bad it didn't also have "No Smoking".
 Beautiful sunset as we crossed the bridge heading home.

The next morning, Whitney and Ryan continued their holiday as they headed to Oregon, and we headed to Calgary for a quick trip.  

We haven't been to the Calgary Stampede for years, and Roger has been wanting to go.  We were very excited when Linda and Dave Mullen invited us to join them for the Finals Rodeo - and it was a special treat as we went to the private club, Ranahans for lunch, then had fantastic seats under cover (which sure came in handy) for the rodeo.

Unfortunately Dave wasn't feeling well so didn't attend the rodeo, but Linda was a gracious host and we had a wonderful time visiting with her, their daughter Ashley, and one of Linda's friends.  
As the cowboys competed for $100,000 in each event, I couldn't help but think of Willie Nelson's song, "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys".  The wear and tear on their bodies made our normal aches and pains pale in comparison.

The heaven's opened up making it more challenging for the calf ropers
The Bull Riding event is always the one that gives me heart failure. A bit hard to see, but in the middle of the picture (to the right of the bull), there is a cowboy being thrown off and is just about to land on his head.  The clowns do a stellar job of keeping bulls away from the cowboys.
We had the absolute pleasure of being invited to dinner to our dear friends house, Annette and Dwayne Majcher.  They were celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary and had us, along with their son Tyler and his wife, Monica, and two young children, Clark and Heidi.

It was a really special evening complete with champagne, amazing food, and reflections of how our lives have all been made even better by knowing each other.  We've done a lot of fantastic things together, and know there will be more to come.

Annette and Dwayne Majcher - celebrating 41 years of marriage!
Back in Idaho, we drove to Coeur d'Alene to pick up something for the boat.  A trip to the Resort for lunch must include one of their famous desserts.  It did not disappoint.

Coconut cake with caramel, macadamia nuts, white chocolate frosting...and ice cream.  Roger and I ate part of it and took the rest home to continue the decadence.  Calories consumed in front of water do not count.  Honest.
Heather & Don Moe's grandsons have been having a great time at RTS this summer, and love going for rides on the jet skis.
Roger and I cruising on the Pend O'Reille River.  Love, love, LOVE this picture.
Summertime.  Times spent with friends and family and making memories that will last a lifetime.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."
                                                                                                                                 Dr. Seuss

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