Saturday, July 04, 2015

Spring into Summer

It's been a busy few weeks traveling between the West Coast, the Seattle area, Idaho and Calgary.  People still think we're nomads, but at least now we have a home to go to!

After our boat trip, we went to help Brad and Anette with the move into their new place located in Bothell, Washington (just north of Seattle).  Roger showed Brad how to drywall a section in the garage and then continued by painting the whole thing.  Anette did a great job on painting various rooms in the house, and they are really happy -- which in turn, of course, makes us happy.

Magnus turned two while we were there, and we had a ball.
We bought Magnus more wooden trains -- Brad was just about as excited as he was!  For the son of someone in a high tech industry, he would much rather play with wooden toys, Lego, and cars than anything battery operated.
Checking out the new components to his train set
Happiness is.....

Magnus loves trains and plays independently in his room with this neat train table.
Anette brought us to a lovely winery called Chateau Ste. Michelle near their home .  We had a picnic, complete with a bottle of wine and had fun watching Magnus chase the ducks.  The resident peacock spread its feathers and took a couple of steps towards Magnus before Roger hustled him away.

Such fun.

Magnus checking out RaRa and probably wondering why he was lying down.
We then returned to Idaho, and with it, another project.  We plan to get a garage built next year so we can store the ski boat, jet skis, and all the other things that come from owning an acreage.  Phase One was to run power and water lines to the back of the property.  The one week job turned into 2+ weeks, but at least it is done and the neighbours have reported the grass is growing where the trench was dug.

It looked so innocent with an orange line and some plastic...
Roger is seen running the trencher  by the tree, and the mound of dirt ran halfway up the property.
We got grass planted just in time to leave for a quick trip to Calgary and then on to the coast.

There were a couple of important reasons to come to Calgary; one being my 94 year old Godmother, Auntie Elaine, had surgery for skin cancer, and two -- dear friends were getting married and we were honoured to attend their wedding.

Auntie Elaine and I having a laugh inbetween biopsies.  
The first phase was to have the skin cancer removed during day surgery.  Patients are advised to bring lunch as the process of taking multiple biopsies and then analzying them spans several hours.  I brought a picnic lunch complete with dessert and we were the envy of the rest of the patients!  

The second phase happened two days later when she had a skin graft.  She has always been an inspiration to her friends and family by her positive attitude and razor sharp mind.  It's difficult knowing the recovery period has been more challenging than anticipated, and we all hope better days are ahead.

Carol and Terry are dear friends, dating back to my time at Jayman Masterbuilt.  Over the years since I left, they have traveled to Mexico, Idaho and Colombia to visit us.  It was such an honour to be included on their wedding day, and we wish them all the happiness in the world.
Carol, Terry and Carol's beautiful daughter, Samantha

Great friends from Jayman:  Linda Marek, Carol and me!  
We left at the crack of dawn on Sunday and drove out to the coast, catching the 4 p.m. ferry to Victoria.  As promised, our boat had been launched for us and was waiting at the docks.  We provisioned up, and then on Tuesday, we met up with former neighbours Dwayne and Annette Majcher who chartered a 36' Grand Banks, and Don and Heather Moe who were on their sailboat with Houston friends.  It was quite a reunion as we cruised the beautiful Gulf Islands.

Meeting up on the water

Old friends Heather and Don Moe in the background, new friends Jim and Jacquie from Houston

Sunset at Ganges Marina on Salt Spring Island

We ate very well and had fun going from boat to boat by dinghys

Anchored out on a beautiful evening at Clam Bay on Thetis Island

We went for a beautiful walk at Montague Harbour on Galiano Island.  We always have a great time with Annette and Dwayne and this trip will be one we will always remember.

Montague Harbour

Sunset at Montague Harbour
The four days was over much too quickly and we all went our separate ways.  A new anchorage that is now on my top three, is Princess Bay - just a short cruise from Sidney.
Princess Bay on a sunny day
Watching the ferries pass us by in Princess Bay

We had a wonderful dinner with former Calgarians, Laurie and Gareth at their beautiful oceanview home at Arbutus Ridge near Cowichan Bay.
Our last night was spent with Jodi and Paul Ikert, friends of ours for 30 years.  The plan was to overnight at Tod Inlet, but it was so hot, we decided to stay at Brentwood Bay where we could use shore power and use our air conditioning to cool down a bit.  They stayed overnight and it was a flashback to having a sleepover as teenagers --- there was a lot of eating, drinking and giggling.  And very little sleep.

It was then time to return to Van Isle and have our boat hauled out again.  We headed north to Parksville and returned to our new little cottage.  We will be here for two weeks then circle back to Calgary for two days to see Auntie Elaine and to attend a birthday party, then head to Idaho where we will be welcoming several friends and family over the course of the next few weeks.

I still can't believe it.  We live in such a beautiful part of the world....I have magnolias growing in our front yard...the beach is just a short walk away...and I'm happily hanging pictures.  Life is good.

"Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect.  It just means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections."


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