Monday, August 18, 2014

Storms, sunshine and the sea

Idaho has had some huge windstorms this summer with power outages and damage throughout the area.  We were very lucky....but it got us, too.

One of our beautiful Aus trees uprooted during the storm and fell on my Expedition.  Fortunately it only brushed the trailer and roof.
 Roger was flying back from a quick trip to Australia, so missed all the drama.
So much for the shade tree protecting the car from too much sun!
Neal and Don Moe were on the property and lead the group of men who showed up to help after hearing the buzz of the chainsaw start up in the morning.  It was almost like a mating call.
We are still waiting for quotes but the Expedition is still drivable and had surprisingly little damage.  Ford's tagline: Built Ford Tough was put to the test.  Our power was out for 22 hours which was much better than many others that were without electricity for 4 or more days.

Brad, Anette and Magnus came to Idaho again and as always, we had a fabulous time.  A favorite August event is the Sandpoint Festival; this year a group of 20+ friends and family went to see Huey Lewis and the News. 

Roger bought Magnus a camo onesie for the event!

Paddy and Dave Carlson joined us -- their summer cabin and property were damaged by the two storms this summer, so they deserved a fun evening.

Huey Lewis played all the old tunes plus some new ones

Dancing with my favorite little guy
Most years I go knee boarding just to prove that I can.  Last year, after a dismal bone densitometry results, I skipped it in case I ended up in pieces.  After having an IV therapy treatment of Aclasta in September 2013 and a bone densitometry in April, my doctor gave me the good news that my bones are at the stage they were when I was 47.  Still osteoporotic, but 10 years better than before!
Did it --- but man....Advil was in high demand!

Roger and Magnus driving the big boat.

We anchored at our favorite spot on the river, and cooled off before barbequing dinner onboard.  Magnus loves the water...loves the boats....and is well on his way to sharing our love of all things that float.

Buoy Kinley

Hi Mama and Dada!

A feast onboard

Roger brought home a bottle of Grandfather from Australia which we shared with the Moes with shot glasses given to us by a dear friend in Alice Springs, Jane Day.

Brad and Magnus playing around

Brad left after 4 days to go back to work, but we were very happy to have Anette and Magnus stay on for another few days. Anette is working on her final Master's research paper so Roger and I helped look after Magnus so she could have time to devote to it.  Magnus is a very busy toddler,  but is such a joy that my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling.  Roger, known as RaRa by Magnus, gladly did his share of baby wrangling. 

Brad made it to Ritzville, ,Washington (a little over 2 hours west of us) and then his car died.  We were  having Dwayne and Annette Majcher for dinner, but Roger and Dwayne went to the rescue and brought the Expedition to him so he could continue his journey to the coast.  Dwayne is such a wonderful friend, and we really appreciated his help.
It turned into a Ladies night with Anette Kinley and Annette Majcher -- the 3 of us had a delicious dinner and great evening.

What is it that little boys love machines?  Our new tractor is a big draw for Magnus.

Magnus and RaRa were never far apart.

Magnus loves books!
The rusty tractor is a landmark on our property -- I'm sure it holds memories of when it worked the field we now live on, but for us, it will chronicle Magnus' life as we take photos of him on it each year.
There are two huge apple trees near the tractor, and Magnus loved munching on them.

"Sure, I'm driving the tractor. No worries."

"Where's the horn?"

Bath time on the deck!

Picture of Brad at 18 months....Magnus at almost 15 months.

Heather and Don Moe's grandsons, Elliott (left) and Oscar (right) had fun playing with Magnus.

Magnus checking out Riley Moe
There are some people who you meet, who make a huge impact.  In our families' case, going to Fox Farms 20 years ago, and meeting the owners Sandy and Jo, changed the course of our lives.  It's where we started a lifelong friendship with them....fell in love with Idaho...with boating...and what lead us to buying our property.

Sandy and Jo now live in Prescott, Arizona, and we warmly welcomed Jo for visit and dinner on Friday.
A huge thunder, lightning and rain storm prompted Anette and Magnus to cover their ears.  Magnus was still smiling, and Jo comforted Obi on the couch.

Love this picture of Jo, Obi and Magnus
Heather and Don Moe actually told us to visit Fox Farms with them in the first place, so we planned the dinner with Jo to include Heather, her daughter Cara, and Cara's family.
Cheers to friends!

Magnus giving Anette a big hug
We drove Anette and Magnus back to Redmond (near Seattle) on Saturday and then spent Sunday looking at marinas and boat storage places in Anacortes and Bellingham.  We had never been to Anacortes, but loved the seaside vibe of the town, and its where we are going to store our Bayliner.

It's exciting being on the Coast, and can't wait until we start exploring the San Juan Islands in Washington, and the spectacular Gulf Islands and coastline of British Columbia.
Lady of the Sea at Anacortes
We got back in time to see Magnus play at a beautiful park that is in Redmond.

He loves merry go rounds!
We've had more than 20 visitors over the last 4 months.  Some stayed for the day, others stayed for a few nights, and some even came more than once!  How lucky we are.

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."   Unknown

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