Saturday, February 01, 2014

Culture, Cyclists and Castles

Roger had to make a quick trip to Italy this week to check on a specialized piece of equipment.  Actually, there was nothing quick about it as he spent as much time on the ground as he did in the air.  Fortunately he did manage to see a couple of sights, experience memorable meals while enjoying Italian hospitality.

Despite having my camera and requests to take pictures, few were taken!  I think my role as family blogger is secure.

Scaliger Castle

Grotto of Catullus on Lake Garda dates back to 150AD
While Roger was away, I took a tour of the South Australian Art Gallery and gained a greater appreciation of the region's history as art pieces reflect significant people and events.
Aboriginals have been in Australia for 40,000 years

Spectacular gallery

Art changed from a European influence to a more modern, Australian feel

An international cycling race was held in Adelaide, and the final stage came within a block of our apartment.
Victoria Square was the hub of the cycling event, the "Tour Down Under"

I saw why these races are like a chess game and couldn't get over why there weren't more crashes with the tight groups of cyclists.
200 cyclists took part in the week long event that had stages throughout Adelaide and surrounding wine regions

We live right behind the old market building in the background
It was Australia Day on January 26th, and I happened across a protest at the Parliament building.  In all the other countries where we've lived lately, I would have high tailed it out of there, but it looked very peaceful and police looked pretty relaxed so I stayed to hear some of the rhetoric and take pictures.

The state of Queensland has enacted strict "bikie" laws to try and curb illegal activities by biker gangs, and it appears the South Australian bikies are against the same thing happening here.

Once a month there is a night market held nearby, so I checked it out.
What a fabulous mobile bar!
The extreme hot weather here, is discussed as much as the extreme cold in North America.  When it hits over 40C, the newscasters typically describe it as "stinking hot".  Well, yesterday was stinking hot so we headed to the beach for a picnic under our newly purchased umbrella.
Henley Beach is in the city, but yet on a Saturday it was very quiet.  A beach patrol helicopter in the top middle part of the photo watches out for sharks.

Relaxing on the beach
Our dear friend, Heather Moe, arrives on Saturday for a couple of weeks.  We have wine to taste, shrimp to throw on the barbie, and sights to see.  It's also festival season in Adelaide with even more to experience.  We have tickets to the Cellar Door Wine Festival, and to the show, "Limbo" at the Fringe Festival.  There are lots of very "fringe" type events and we've jokingly said we should buy tickets to "Puppetry of the Penises" or "Barenaked Ladies Reading in the Garden" to name just a couple.  Whatever we do, we know we will have a ball.

I have a feeling people watching will be very entertaining in its own right, but the person we can't wait to see is....Heather!

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
                                                                                                          Ralph Waldo Emerson

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