Friday, December 20, 2013

Action in Adelaide

I don't think a day goes by when I don't think how lucky we are to be living in such a great city.  There is always something happening...something to do....great places to eat....wonderful wine.....well.... it's just kind of fantastic.

Last weekend we went to a suburb by the beach called Glenelg to attend an outdoor movie theatre.  What a great way to watch a movie.  We rented bean bag loungers, there was a wine tasting, free ice cream, and a full moon.  Oh, and the movie, Rush, was really good too.

The jetty at Glenelg

Town hall and a monument honoring pioneers at Glenelg

When I booked the tickets on line it said to get there early.  Of course, we did.  Looks like we didn't need to, but they had a DJ playing music so it was a fun place to relax.

Beach at Glenelg

The setting sun meant the movie was about to start

People lined up for wine and ice cream

A full moon , comfy seats and a great movie

Since coming to Australia we were surprised to rarely see Foster's beer in the stores or in restaurants.  Apparently it is mainly exported, but a popular Aussie beer is called Coopers, and is made in Adelaide.  We went on a tour of the brewery on a very hot, 40C sunny day when the thought of beer samples at the end of the tour was awfully inviting.

Bottling area

Lab where tastings and quality control takes place

Coopers makes about 20 different brands of beer --- most of them are excellent!

We got to sample about 10 different Coopers' brands
Our apartment is in the perfect location.  Close to action, but it remains very quiet.  Tonight, we heard Christmas carols being sung so we went out onto the balcony and saw news crews, several dogs and handlers, and a band.  Awhile later we watched TV as the same reporter outside our building announce an Adopt a Pet program in Adelaide.

Reporter getting ready to go on air

The Channel 9 news reported on special events in each of Australia's major cities
Tomorrow we are going on a road trip for a few days.  We start off visiting the Stratfords in Beachport then follow the Great Ocean Road on the way to Melbourne where we will spend a couple of days before heading back to Adelaide on Christmas Day.

Christmas time in Adelaide is very different than in Canada.  Not because it is very hot with palm trees instead of fir trees, and sand instead of snow.  It's because there are very few Christmas decorations on homes!  Is it because of high electricity costs or is it because there is little challenge hanging Christmas lights when it isn't -20C with a blustery north wind? 

It's never easy being away at Christmas, but thanks to Skype, we will hopefully see Brad, Anette and Magnus as they open presents sent via email. 

We hope that your Christmas is spent with good friends and family and with the hope for a healthy and happy 2014.

"I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year."
                                                                   Charles Dickens

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