Sunday, December 02, 2012

Lusaka Getaway

Twelve thousand four hundred and ten days ago, Roger and I said, "I do".  No need to break out your calculators -- it's 34 years.  Back then we were 21... thought we knew it all...and blindly forged a life together. And what a life it's been so far.

This year we celebrated our anniversary in Lusaka, Zambia and had a great weekend getaway at the Radisson Blu.

Roger relaxing and reading on the deck off our room
Since Ndola doesn't have a theatre, we checked out the new James Bond movie, Skyfall at Lusaka's Manda Hill Mall.

One of the best lines in the movie was when the Scottish caretaker told Bond that "someone from Idaho bought all the guns and rifles your father had."  Funniest part was the Zambians all laughed so clearly the reputation of gun loving Idahoans is known internationally!

There are times I'd love a camera with more gadgets and capabilities, but then I realize it's great being able to whip my camera out of my pocket or purse to capture unusual sites. Here are some taken on our 4 hour trip home to Ndola...
I don't have a clue what this guy is selling....
We came upon a burned out bus that was still smoldering with hundreds of villagers checking things out.  A harsh reminder of the road dangers in Zambia.

HIV/AIDS education is everywhere in Zambia - from public service announcements in movie trailers, on TV and billboards.  The government is trying to curb the number of new infections while treating those with the disease with anti-retroviral that have been available and free since 2003. It is estimated 16% of Zambians are infected.
I love buying fruits and vegetables from roadside stands.  The produce is usually better quality, you can't beat the prices, and it's great interacting with the sellers.  We stopped the car to buy a bag of tomatoes but quickly got swarmed by ladies selling everything from caterpillars to green peppers to onions and more.  Once I had paid for my tomatoes, I pulled out my camera and asked if I could take their picture.  All but 2 of the ladies took off (note to self:  if swarmed, hold your camera up!) as many fear cameras capture their souls.
In Canada seeing Mandarin oranges signals the Christmas season -- in Zambia, fried caterpillars is a welcomed treat.

The tomatoes and mangoes cost a grand total of $4!!!!
It was a fabulous weekend and a precursor for our next trip in 2 weeks when we head to Thailand for Christmas and a reunion with Brad and Anette!

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
Lao Tzu

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