Sunday, December 23, 2012

From laid back Samui to bustling Bangkok

The last couple of days in Samui gave us some spectacular thunderstorms and at one point, I wondered if the rice barges would start floating!

The next time you eat escargot, think of this guy who trudged across the path

I had a massage at the hotel, right by the beach. Normally I'm not a fan of massages, but this one was incredible. For an hour, I was rubbed, pulled, stretched, and covered in what seemed like a gallon of aloe vera. Sometime during the massage, the masseuse took my bathing suit top off and later put it back on -- I was putty in her hands!  And all for the princely sum of $15.
We had to go back to Rockpool for our last dinner.
The airport at Koh Samui is big enough to handle international flights, but small enough to give a resort-like feel to it.

 There are comfortable lounge chairs, and a complimentary snack station with beautiful Thai treats.
Flying over the coast of Koh Samui on our way to Bangkok
We're staying at the Cape House 
The hotel is in a great location, and is nice and roomy.

The shopping centers reminded us it is just 2 days before Christmas!  The food courts are incredible though with gourmet food and a selection like nothing I've seen

One of the shrines where people leave garlands and other offerings
Roger found a sign offering his favourite beer, Hoegarden so we made a welcomed pit stop

Peace to all!!!
At first glance, Bangkok has surprised us in that it is not as smoggy as feared, it is cleaner than expected, and  like everything else we have experienced in Thailand -- it is well organized.  We will start some serious sightseeing today and at midnight, we'll be welcoming Brad and Anette to Thailand.  That will mean Christmas is really here.

"It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air."   
                                                                                           W.T. Ellis

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