Monday, August 13, 2012

Family + Friends = Fun

Over the last five years, we've missed out on many birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday dinners so we decided to invite family, as well as friends that are like family, to our summer haven in Priest River, Idaho.

The weather was perfect...the boats and jet skis were ready at the dock....and spreadsheets were created to plan daily menus and the numbers of guests we had each day.  We "peaked" at 21 for a couple of days and most days had about 18.

The clubhouse fridge and freezer were packed...

Brad and Anette were the first to arrive and we had a great evening at the Festival at Sandpoint listening to the Barenaked Ladies.  As usual, it's one of the highlights to the summer eating amazing food, people watching, and enjoying music under the stars.

Our dear friends (and property partners) Heather and Don Moe joined us.  Don (far right) had just driven down to Sandpoint on his motorbike and had a nap before the concert began.

The Barenaked Ladies played a mixture of old and new songs and ad libbed songs about Sandpoint and people in the audience.  One of the best concerts we've seen at the Festival.

Finding parking in the shade was a challenge.  We jokingly asked if people had their 2, 4, or 7 day pass..
Here is just a sample of the many photos taken this week....with two jet skis and two boats keeping everyone busy, I was glad to be able to see the pictures of moments I had missed.
I went kneeboarding just to prove I still can.  However, I hurt a lot more each year, but love the feeling of  pushing my body and going over the wake.
The two most important, and loved, men in my life
We managed to get a group shot of those who were here on Monday night.
Top left to right:  Colin Kinley, Herb Imler, Samantha Blakney, Rhonda Blakney, Karen Kinley, Bob Campbell, Brendan Lipchen, Roger, Charlene Lipchen, Brad, Cooper Kinley, John Kinley
Bottom left to right:  Madalene Imler, Katie, Tyler Blakney, Peggy Campbell, Heather, Anette & Obi

Roger's parents have both remarried, but it's great we can all still get together.  I love this photo of them.
Roger's family left to right: Dad - John, brother - Colin, Mother - Madalene, Roger, sister - Rhonda
Brad really knows how to get a lot out of a tube!
Left to right:  Rhonda's son, Tyler, Katie (friend of Sam's) was famous for screaming on the tube, Rhonda's daughter, Sam
Anette and Obi hanging out on the deck
Good friends of Brad and Anette's, Brendan and Charlene, flew out from Toronto to spend the week with us.  They've been here before, and we hope they come again soon!

Don Moe helped to deep fry two turkeys for dinner one night.  John captured the moments.
Anette's dad, Brian, cooked up mouth watering salmon he recently caught on the West Coast.
We took the boat into Sandpoint one day with Anette's family, and Brendan and Charlene
Our boat at the dock near Spud's in Sandpoint
Wickenheisers treated us to a great lunch at one of our favourite spots
A wild tube ride!

Roger's sister Rhonda (in the middle) with her two children Tyler and Sam having a great time tubing
Obi wasn't impressed with her safety gear but LOOKS impressive!
We love having Anette's brother, Andre come visit. 

Roger's dad doesn't like the water, but he was a real trooper and had fun watching the kids tube
 Roger and Colin had fun ripping around on the jet skis.

Left to right:  Walter Blakney, Tyler, Cooper, Sam, Katie
Heather Moe and her golden retriever, Riley on the jet ski.  To say Riley loves anything to do with water is an understatement.
Brad, Anette and Roger hanging out on the tube

Post knee boarding photo of our family.
Beautiful Lake Pend O'Reille
Sunset on Lake Pend O'Reille
Colin, Karen and Cooper were the last to leave and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner on the lake with them.

Cooper has a great eye for photography and captured many of the memorable moments from the week --- including several of the pictures on this blog posting.
After a very busy week...having two huckleberry martinis was a perfect way to relax!
By the looks on everyone's faces, I think the week was a success.  Mission accomplished.

I think I'll go have another nap!

Families are like fudge.  Mostly sweet with a few nuts.  
                                                                      Author unknown

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