Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tanzanian Treasures

Roger has continued his tour around Tanzania as he checks on various Layne projects.  This week he was near Mount Kilimanjaro, and sent these photos.
Mount Kilimanjaro - 19,341 ft above sea level
Roger said he was lucky to see Mt. Kilimanjaro so clearly as it is often shrouded in clouds.
It was 38C the day he took these pictures but the mountain had lots of snow.

The Maasi people are semi-nomadic and live in northern Tanzania and Kenya.  Roger took these pictures in an area six hours off the beaten track, so as he said, "they weren't dressing up for tourists."
Maasi goat herder

Maasi woman
Roger was in the city of Arusha, and took this picture of a mobile bread truck.
Can't imagine how hard it would be to balance the bike and the bread! I don't think it would end well if I tried to do it.
Thanks for sending the pictures, Roger - keep 'em coming!

I love finding proverbs from different countries and cultures.  Here are a few interesting Maasai proverbs:
"Do not sweep someone else's home while yours is dirty"

"Life has seasons"

"Daylight follows a dark night"

And the last one is a head shaker and I'd sure like to speak to the wise man who came up with this one......

"Do not pinch the heifer's vagina"

(see you later in Swahili).

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Brad and Anette said...

LOL! That last one is hilarious!! Would love to hear the story behind it...