Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where has the summer gone?

Roger returned to Colombia to help the new company get started with the equipment they bought from PetroTiger, but bank delays slowed things down so Roger came back to Idaho.  By the time things got moving, company started arriving and Roger wanted to be here with everyone, so he stayed.  And I'm glad he did!

As usual, Roger loves working on the property and built a beautiful deck down by the water.  While he was at it, he modified the floating dock so we can use it earlier and later in the boating season.
The water level rapidly rose making it a game of "beat the clock"!

A great place to hang out
The trees just keep growing!
We attended a silent auction fundraiser to support the July 4th fireworks in Priest River.
Sonny Parker was the auctioneer -- he and his wife are wonderful people and do a lot for the community

We had a perfect spot to watch the fireworks from our new deck
Great sign at the Mangy Moose -- a restaurant nearby that serves pancakes the size of dinner plates
A sign in Osama Bin Laden??
Last fall, Roger bought the same model of boat we had 11 years ago --- he found it on the internet in Walker, Minnesota so with a leap of faith, he bought it and towed it to Idaho in the Spring.  It is in pristine condition with only 69 hours.  Apparently the owner loved boating, but his wife didn't.  His loss is definitely our gain.
Roger drilled a 10" hole and installed a bow thruster.  He calls it "marriage insurance" because it makes docking so much easier.  It takes guts to do -- but that's Roger for you.

Launching the boat -- Roger hooked towing ropes to my Expedition to help brake if needed.  I was convinced we would all end up in the river!

Our new/old boat!
The best thing about being in Idaho is to share the fun with friends.  It was a busy summer!

The Majchers kept their boat in Coeur d'Alene this year.  A new Majcher, Clark, joined in the fun.

Kathy and Randy Cardon came for their annual visit, but Kathy seems to be camera shy this year!

Brad, Anette and their dog, Obi arrived for a fantastic week.  I bought Obi "doggles" which she wore when on the boat.

On our way to Windy Point for an overnight trip

We had a beautiful stay at Windy Point

Anette taking Obi to shore for a walk

Playing games on the boat

Inside the boat

Breakfast on board --- Obi loved boating, too!

Brad and Anette relaxing

Leaving Windy Point

"Life is dessert first".  Spuds in Sandpoint has the best food around.

Brad and Anette jet skiing
Roger went kneeboarding

Anette went kneeboarding for the first time!


I go kneeboarding once a year to prove I just takes me 2 days to recover.

My favorite people (Obi included)

Brad wakeboarding on the river

Relaxing on the deck

Ribs are a prerequisite when Brad visits

Never a dull moment

Our "marina"

Obi goes swimming!

Brad's sunglasses fell off --- Obi helped to look for them

The doggles protected Obi's eyes while on the boat

Brad and Anette tubing

Obi and Riley Moe finally meet

Cruising down the river

Our clubhouse is ready for visitors!
We always look forward to Ed and Colleen's visit to Idaho

Anette Majcher, me and Colleen Walsh enjoying decadent desserts at the Coeur d'Alene Resort
Always lots of laughs with Dwayne Majcher around

Sunset by the fire

Rob and Laurie Vanderlee came for a visit on the boat

The Captain

Rob and Laurie love Idaho like we do
The Vanderlee's friends, Joe and Shannon also joined us one evening

Roger got to hold the Vanderlee's new grandson, William

Sunset on the river

The Moes hosted a family reunion --- 17 people and 2 dogs!

Neal and Camille took Riley for a ride!

Don and Roger enjoying a cool beverage on the deck

Another summer is winding down and a new adventure begins.  Roger starts work on September 1st in....Ethiopia.  My first reaction when he was approached about the job starting a drilling division was "You've got to be kidding", but the more I read about the country, the more I started thinking, "Why not?"  I will let him be the proverbial canary in the mine while he goes over for a few weeks and finds us a place to live, and then plan to join him.  I have no doubt it will be another memorable piece to our puzzle, and look forward to the challenges and experiences.

Until next time...
Dehna Hunu (goodbye in Amharic).

" Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. "
                                                                                  John Wayne

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