Monday, March 28, 2011

Hush little baby don't you cry....

I'm in love. 

Every Monday morning I go to Clinica Infantil Santa Ana where I cuddle, play and feed babies and small children who are patients at the clinic but who don't have parents.  In some cases, once they are stabilized, they will be put up for adoption.  Most parents come each day to be with their children (and many travel long distances), and are provided with parenting classes.  Many of these parents are children too and the problem of young parents is evident.

I have to wear a uniform at the clinic where I have been warmly welcomed by staff and parents
Most of the children are there because of malnutrition and are cared for by an amazing staff of nurses, doctors, therapists and volunteers.  The facility has been around since 1943 and although the cribs look like they are originals, the place is spotless. 

I am lucky to be teamed up with a wonderful retired woman, Gloria, who speaks excellent English and translates when my Spanish fails me.  Fortunately the children don't mind that I don't speak Spanish very well -- hugs are the same in any language!

Every baby needs a lap. 
Henry Robin

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