Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tourist Trap was a Treat

In the midst of Medellin lies a hill called Cerro Nutibara which has a replica of a typical Colombian town at the top.  On a recent Sunday, Roger, Craig and I checked it out -- expecting to see a tourist trap -- which we did -- but we were the only gringos in sight and it is clearly a popular spot for locals to visit.  And we found out why.
Pueblito Paisa

Couldn't resist taking this picture
There was a church, pharmacy, stores, a parsonage and town bar (which luckily served cold beer and interesting appetizers).

Craig Stratford having a beer with us.
The view was beautiful of the Aburra Valley.

The San Fernando Hotel where we are staying is the building in the middle
with the slanted roof. The apartment we hope to rent is also in the complex.
Medellin goes all out decorating for Christmas.  At the top of Cerro Nutibara, a huge display of the Nativity Scene is lit up at night.
Nativity Scene on top of Cerro Nutibara

I like to call this "Kiss my ass..."

Craig as "The Thinker"....Roger is hanging out

Above:  Craig was shopping for some souvenirs to take back to Australia when these 2 girls started talking to us.  I thought they asked if we wanted our picture taken, but it turns out, they wanted a picture of them with US!  Before we knew it, cameras were being swapped around and pictures snapped!
These guys were making candy that looked like salt water taffy --
 Craig tried it and loved it.

This is kind of an odd Christmas display near our hotel....
it looks like the Santas are leaping to their deaths!
Everyday I meet wonderful, friendly people in Medellin.  They are proud of their city and their country and are excited about its future.  I am too.

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