Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girl Guide

It was time for Roger and Craig to do some sightseeing in Bogota, so we set off for a couple of my favorite places with me acting as tour guide.

We started off going up Monserrate and I never tire of the view.  We went up the mountain via the funicular which was interesting and we were lucky to have a relatively clear day when we reached the top -- a breathtaking (literally) 10,341 ft above sea level.
The conductor in the front car -- you can see another funicular car coming down
We had lunch at this restaurant on the cliff
We had a delicious lunch of Colombian appetizers and hearty soup
We then headed down via the cable car and walked around La Candelaria -- an area rich in history and home to 20 churches, numerous museums, and architecture that transports you to Europe.
La Primada Catedral -- awe inspiring cathedral dating back to the 17th century
The old wooden doors were beautiful
I showed Roger and Craig the Presidential Palace and then we worked our way to the Museo del Oro to see their incredible collection of gold.

In the midst of a bustling Bolivar Plaza --- two gentlemen play chess.
The Museo del Oro is world renowned for its collection of over 30,000 pieces of gold plus other artifacts dating back to before Christ.  We started off with a tour, but found the guide tedious so bolted after an hour and looked around on our own.

I enjoyed being Roger and Craig's guide to some of the places I discovered while they were working.  My guide's "tip" was dinner out at a great restaurant in the Parque 93 district.  A wonderful ending to a terrific day.

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