Saturday, September 04, 2010

Idaho = Summer

I am never more happy than when friends and family come to visit in Idaho.  Barbequing on the deck, boat rides, tubing, jet skiing, trips to Willow Bay for burgers and beer, the Festival at Sandpoint, the amazing wine bar in Priest River called Noni's....well, what can I say but all these things, shared with those I love, scream "summertime" for me.

In late July, I welcomed Kathy and Randy Cardon for their annual trip to Idaho.  It was different not having Roger there too, but we had a great time on the water because the "Cardon Curse" for bad weather was lifted. 

Roger returned to Idaho for another 9 days, and fortunately his timing enabled him to see several visitors.  First up was his brother Colin, his wife, Karen and their son, Cooper.  Two years ago Cooper became a tubing fanatic and on this trip, father and son tubed virtually non-stop for 3 days until Colin injured his ribs in a spectacular wipe out.

Colin and Cooper

"The boys" having fun

Roger at the wheel
I love this picture.  Have you ever seen two happier "kids"?
Cooper stayed with us in the trailer for a couple of nights.
 I woke up one morning seeing him checking out boats on a website! 
His Uncle Roger was very proud!!!!!

We finished off 4 days of non-stop fun at Hills Resort, Priest Lake

Our next visitors were more Idaho alumni, Laurie and Rob Vanderlee and Susan and Grant Maxwell.  The Maxwells taught Roger how to "surf" behind their boat which is the latest thing to do in watersports. 

clockwise from left:  Susan, Rob, Laurie, Grant and Roger

It wouldn't be August without going to the Festival.  We saw Natalie McMaster play, and although it was a bit soggy, it was still a great evening of music and food under the stars at Sandpoint.

Our good friends, Colleen and Ed Walsh love Idaho too, and stopped by for a couple of days on their way out to the Coast.

Ed and Colleen on the jet ski
Ed and Colleen Walsh joined us at Noni's....a wonderful wine bar in Priest River

I had another wonderful summer of volunteering at the Priest River Soup Kitchen.  Each Monday morning I helped various service groups and organizations serve up lunch to nearly 80 people.  I never had so much fun washing dishes in my life!

My last day at the Soup Kitchen for the summer with Gary Bell and Jeannie Smith

This year, high school friend, Mark Belanger and his wife, Betty traveled to Idaho to see what I had been talking about all these years.  It didn't take long for them to "drink the kool-aid", because after jet skiing, golfing, and having lunch at Willow Bay, Mark was saying he'd love to buy some property in the area!
Betty and Mark Belanger

Final lunch at Willow Bay
Mark and Betty helped me get the jet skis out of the water and stored for the winter.  It's always a sad time for me to put things away, but at least this time it was so I could go to Calgary for a few days and then on to my next "home" of Bogota, Colombia (or "B.C." as I tell people who panic at the thought of me going there!).

To everyone who took the time to visit us in Idaho --- thank you.  You make it my favorite place on earth.
"The bigger the summer vacation...the harder the fall."   Unknown

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