Monday, March 15, 2010

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings." Henry David Thoreau

Today is a holiday today in Mexico to celebrate Benito Juarez' birthday, which gave Roger the chance to leave the office for a couple of hours so he could join me at Ciudad de los Ninos.  I was so glad he did as the kids weren't in school so we had over 30+ kids in our group.  We gathered everyone at the gazebo at the center of the compound and kept them busy with a variety of activities playing frisbee, painting, coloring, bingo and checkers.
Above:  Thank goodness for name tags!!!  Roger's name is Rogelio in Spanish and the kids gravitated to him.
Below:  I hope we're allowed to come back as the kids started face painting each other when we ran out of paintbrushes.  Roger said they tried to paint him, but he got away unscathed.

The kids love playing "Loteria" which is Bingo but with pictures.  Some of the pictures and accompanying words are odd for a children's game -- such as Borocho which means drunk!
Below:  I met this little guy for the first time -- he was outgoing (although admittedly I didn't understand everything he was saying), absolutely adorable and turned out to be quite a good artist!

Below: Last week I hosted the monthly get together with 6 wonderful women I've met through ESIA (English Speakers in Action).  They've come from different countries and backgrounds and now call Mexico their home.  The ladies are a tremendous source of information and friendship to me and we had a great time.
Roger and I recently attended a geologist conference reception and met Cinndy (below right), a young geologist who is going for her Masters, and her sister Dulce (below left)  who is a clothing designer.  Cinndy encouraged me to contact her to go out for coffee, so I invited them for dinner.  We had  a very enjoyable evening with these bright, intelligent young women -- their English was much better than our Spanish, so the conversation went very well!

Intersections in Hermosillo provide commuters with the opportunity to buy excellent fruits, vegetables and toys, have windshields washed, or check out some entertainment.  Below are two teens that juggle and were having such a good time and were fun to watch that I gave them some money.  Although it was less than $2 U.S., they were thrilled and called out "que lo pase bien, madre" (have a good day, mother)!

It was wonderful sharing the Ciudad de los Ninos experience with Roger, and it's been great meeting new friends.  One of these days we may even try and order a pizza over the phone!

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things."                     Author Unknown

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