Saturday, November 28, 2009

Never a dull moment...

I finally got Roger away from his computer last Sunday to drive up a mountain, Cerro de la Campana, in Hermosillo that gives a panoramic view of the city.

It is interesting seeing a city where only major office buildings and a few hotels are more than 2 or 3 stories tall.  As you can see the city is really spread out, and with the exception of pollution hanging, the white buildings and blue sky make for a great view.

The picture below shows just how mountainous some of the city is, and I've marked where our office is located.

Our guard dogs, Negro and Feo had a bath in one of the containers this week. Jose had quite a time keeping them in the water and it was hysterical watching the mayhem. When they were done, both dogs promptly rolled in dirt and hid for awhile --- I guess they just don't appreciate a good bubble bath...

We had a Canadian BBQ at our home last night for our Mexican friends --- you can sure spot the "gringos" ---- we're the ones wearing our summer clothes and they are bundled up for "winter"!  I wonder if I've done a fashion faux pas by wearing white after Labour Day??

Dead or Alive...that is the question....
The guys came running into the office saying Jose saw a police truck dump a body on the deserted road behind our gate and he looked "muerto".  I only understood "muerto" (dead) so I was all ears.  They got Roger, Jake got on the phone (to call the police to report the police had dumped a body), and with Roger's words to me "Stay here", they ran to the gate.  No one (very wisely) wanted to get up close and personal so they all clambered on the bulldozer to get a better view.  They returned to the office and reported their consensus was the guy was dead. 

While we were waiting for something to happen (we weren't sure what...but were sure something would!) Jose went to take another peak.  He came running back saying the guy was now moving!  So Jake got on the phone again to report the dead man was alive and a short time later police and medics were on the scene.  Turns out the guy was drunk...(one might say....dead drunk....)

Roger and I are celebrating our 31st anniversary next weekend by going to a colonial village called Alamos which is 4 hours south of here.  Check back next week as I will post new pictures when we return!

In the meantime,
Hasta luego.

"The report of my death is an exaggeration."                    Mark Twain

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