Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bye, Bye Belize...

Once again we’ve left Belize with memories of crystal clear turquoise waters, sea life that would rival anything found in “Finding Nemo”, friendships both renewed and newly created, cold beer and warm breezes.

Staying at the Belize Yacht Club gave us a chance to get to know people who were staying for several weeks or months and more often than nought, you could find us all gathered on someone’s balcony for “Happy Hour”.

And while I’m disappointed I didn’t find a regular volunteer job, a few of the ladies volunteered to clean one of the schools while it was closed for Election Day. Armed with bucket and mops, we stepped back in time to classrooms with desks and chairs that I could swear came from my elementary school in Montreal in the early 60’s, and chalkboards with tiny pieces of chalk. We had a great time, and the smell of Pinesol gave us a great sense of accomplishment, albeit short lived as we heard a few days later it needed another good cleaning.

Our last couple of days were spent saying good bye as we realized our time of the island was drawing to a close. We joked about how we would cope not having grocery bills rounded down by the cashier, having beer and pop delivered right to our door, driving around in a golf cart, getting extra fruit and vegetables because Maria (the fruit stand lady) liked to tell us what to eat, or having pizza delivered by bike!

Omar, the gardener (below left) and his helper, Mateo kept the grounds a lush paradise. The day before we left, Omar arrived at our door with a beautiful arrangement of flowers that he created himself – he said he heard we were leaving and was sorry to see us go and hoped we would see him again next year.

Belize is a special place where it’s not about what you do or what you have – but who you are.

Everyone we met – from the Belizeans working hard to make a living, to those who travel to the island – had a story to tell....and it wove an incredible tapestry. We really are fortunate to have so many wonderful people grace our lives.

We are not sure where we’re headed next, but if a project doesn’t start soon, we’ll head to Idaho where Roger will keep busy working on our property – six weeks lying around has left him pretty antsy to do something.

We join you in looking forward to Spring when the temperatures warm up and the days get longer. And keep checking back to see “where in the world are those Kinleys?”!

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