Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still here.....

Occupation: Gypsy.

That’s what I’m going to put the next time I have to fill out a form that asks what I do. I figure I’m too young to be retired, and in the last 12 months have lived in Botswana, Idaho, Spain and Belize. So, I think I qualify for Gypsy status...or maybe someone in the Witness Protection Program......

As everyone knows, and no doubt we’ve all felt it in one way or another, the world has changed since we went to Spain in September. In our case, copper prices plummeted which caused the drilling program that Roger was involved in to be cancelled. He is coming to Belize this week, so we will talk about what we will do next and will let everyone know that have been sending emails with the subject heading: Where are you??
So what have we been doing in the last few weeks?

We had a wonderful, albeit very different, Christmas in Belize. Brad and Anette were in Calgary, so we celebrated with our dear friends, Sara and Bob Morris from Illinois. Roger then headed back to Spain on Boxing Day and I decided to remain in Belize. By Christmas, we knew the project in Spain was on shaky grounds, and we agreed it would be best I stayed put until we knew what direction Roger would be going.

Fortunately we have made a circle of friends here, so I have people around me which I am really grateful for (and a far cry from some of the places I've found myself in lately). However, I was looking for something to do other than read another book and get a good tan so started checking out volunteer opportunities.
I read in the paper that the Roman Catholic school was having an event celebrating the opening of their new school library, so I tracked down some of the organizers, and offered my services. I was asked to help hand out cupcakes (Brad said it was like getting the wolf to guard the sheep), and it was a great experience.
The library, a standalone wood structure the size of a garage, was built through fundraising efforts spearheaded by the “Calendar Girls” that sold calendars modeled after the famous British version.

It poured rain and the dignitaries did not come (they apparently only appear at election time) but we had a wonderful time taking the cupcakes and drinks to the classrooms. Incredibly, about 950 students attend this small school with 30+ students per cramped classroom. I met a teacher (below) who was 21 years old --- and he had been teaching for 3 years.

The children came to check out the library when school was out for the day and you could see the excitement in their faces when they saw the donated books on the newly built shelves. I couldn’t believe it, but there was a copy of “Dick and Jane” – my first school book! I will keep my eyes open for other chances to volunteer as the needs are certainly great here.
Where will we go to next? Not sure. If the last couple of years have taught me anything – it is to realize change is inevitable and to make the most of each experience. Is it always easy for me to "go with the flow"? No. But I know that when I'm in a rocking chair when I'm a little old lady, I'll look back on these years and be grateful for all the experiences we've had.

In the meantime I'll count myself lucky that I wake up to sunrises like this.....

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