Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eighth Wonder of the World

We might have seen one of the seven wonders of the world when we visited Victoria Falls, but to us, and many of our friends and family, Idaho should be number eight.

For 15 years we have returned like the swallows to Capistrano, and each year we welcome more and more friends who love it as we do. This year we were thrilled to have 20 friends and family visit us, and we had a blast eating lots of great food, boating, jet skiing and tubing. At the end of the day, cheeks and stomachs were sore from laughing and smiling. I even flew to Kansas for the day to pick up our nephew, Cooper, and brought him back for a week of non-stop action and fun.

A large contingent from Calgary, Kansas and Edmonton went to our favourite annual Sandpoint event, the Festival, to see Smokey Robinson perform. The weather was picture perfect, the outdoor venue was entertainment itself, and the fireworks were amazing.

Brad and Anette were with us for 10 days which was great as always. Before arriving here, they had taken the Delorean to Seattle to have some work done on it, and then came back through Idaho on their way back home.

Brad is taking an 18 month on-line course called Animation Mentor ( ) where students take classes from animators from Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Dreamworks, etc. Fortunately he was still able to attend classes while relaxing on the lawn! He's really enjoying it, and the access to top animators in the business is teaching him a lot. Anette starts her Masters in September, so we're glad they were able to have a fun-filled holiday.

Our next blog update will be from Spain! Roger has accepted the position of Operations Manager for the Spain office of Cabo Drilling Corporation ( . The current project involves 4 diamond drills (2 above ground, 2 underground) at a copper mine near Minas de Rio Tinto in the Andalucia province of Spain ( ) We leave September 3rd and the 14 hr trip to Madrid is going to feel like a shuttle flight compared to getting to Botswana!

After spending most of the last year in Africa and surrounding islands: marooned in Mauritius, trapped in Tana, and camping in the Kalahari, I can’t wait to see what this next project will be like.

This summer has been wonderful and we’re blessed that so many of those we hold near and dear took time to visit us, in a place that is indeed, a wonder.

AdiĆ³s para ahora. Mantenga bien.
(Goodbye for now. Keep well.)

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