Friday, August 03, 2007

Flic en Flac

Well, I’ve settled into a secure, comfortable little studio apartment while Roger is back in camp. It is decorated in “shabby chic” and painted a delightful shade of “Pepto Bismol” pink…and all for the grand total of $20 CDN per day! Not exactly what we planned for, but the best option for the time being. Here are pictures taken in the apartment, the view from my balcony, view from the street (our apartment is the one that has the fire escape stairs leading up the balcony on the 2nd floor above the carpark) and the building next door that is under construction and an OH&S nightmare.

For everyone that is worried about my safety, please rest assured that the biggest safety hazard is me forgetting that cars are driving on the other side of the road! So I look both ways at least twice, and then make a mad dash.

Flic en Flac is a little tourist town with many families vacationing from Europe and other parts of Asia. English is spoken here more than in Madagascar, but I try to converse in French knowing that if I get a stunned look and at a loss for words, someone will rescue me.

The beaches are beautiful and I love the sound of the surf crashing over the reef that lies about 300 yards offshore. Not sure why so many men here have not read the memo that Speedos should only be worn by boys under the age of 10 – but it probably got lost along with the memo that smoking is bad for you…
I’m busy reading up on all the neat places to go when Roger returns – including going in a 2 person submarine to explore the reef! In the meantime, I’m trying to slow down (and to think I used to dream about having nothing to do!), read some books and listen to podcasts that I’ve downloaded (hooray CBC “As it Happens”!).

But by far the highlight of each day is my daily jaunt to the Internet to check out everyone’s wonderful emails! Thanks for keeping in touch!

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